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Emulsifying Grapefruit Body Scrub Zoom Workshop - Supplies Delivered

Emulsifying Grapefruit Body Scrub Zoom Workshop - Supplies Delivered

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We are doing a workshop AGAIN!

In the past, we have learned how to make anti-eczema body salve, oil-based sunblocks, solid emulsifying lotion bars, candles.

These workshop series (Zoom-based!) will be about making Emulsifying Body Scrub - a 2-in-1 in-shower body scrub that acts as a scrub and a lotion and feels like you've just finished a nice spa treatment.

It is easy to make, lets you learn about different components of cosmetics making (including emulsification) and Trust me, using this feels like going to a salon - you'll want to use it again and make it for your friends!


Saturday, May 23rd @ 3:30pm

Sunday, May 24th @ 2pm

Saturday, May 30th @ 3:30pm

Sunday, May 31st @ 3:30pm 

(1-1.30 hrs long)

PRICE: $35pp for a single supplies bundle, $50pp for a double supplies bundle (another member of household can do the workshop with you or save it to create one more later)

5-person groups including materials (Workshop Materials Box will be delivered to you before the workshop).


1)microwave and space in the freezer

2) microwave-safe bowl (should fit at least 350 ml)

3) spoon

4) 200g (or 2 cups) of sugar

5) vegetable oil (56g) - any oil you have (cooking oil, coconut oil, etc etc) - preferably light-smelling (ex. virgin olive oil might overpower the smell).

We ask you to use your own oil because we want to decrease the amount of plastic used. Though if you do not have oil (or sugar), please message us and we will include it!

6) Good Internet connection and desire to have fun and make something great!