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Christmas and Holiday Eco Beauty Tricks to Save Money, The Planet and Space in Your Luggage

We love getting a good deal, treating ourselves, being creative with our beauty routine, looking and feeling great while being eco-friendly. We also love packing light. 

While it seems hard to combine all of those, here are our tips for your holiday shopping, beautification and travel that are fun, beautiful, wallet and carry on-friendly:

- Second-hand and vintage shopping. 

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a second-hand store is the smell and look of old, unattractive clothing - check out the Fashion Pulpit at Liang Court (where you can bring your own clothes and accessories that are in good condition and exchange them for points that allow you to shop for (often designer) items). A small fee will make the clothes-for points exchange possible and voila - you're shopping on a budget for your holiday outfits!

Want to hunt for real treasure and have a penchant European designers? A Vintage Tale at 277 Joo Chiat Rd is a place to explore for 80s designer clothes and accessories.

- Interchanging products, 2-in-1

Did you know that many beauty products have very similar ingredients or could be used for a variety of things? Take our conditioner bars - they can be used as a shaving bar too! And our baby shampoo can be used as an all-over wash!

Moreover, eye shadows, cheek blushes, highlighters, various colors and glitters for your face and body are usually made of fillers and mica (a mineral that occurs in nature in various colors). So feel free to use that highlighter as an eye shadow or vice versa. 

!If you can, try not to purchase glitter as it is made of tiny pieces of plastic!

- Oils as moisturizers, make up removers and hair and scalp conditioners

Coconut oil is great for conditioning hair and scalp. Just massage a small amount  for 20 minutes or overnight into your scalp and hair, then wash off thoroughly. You will notice your hair become conditioned, moisturized and scalp less itchy (virgin coconut oil also kills bacteria).

Also, any vegetable oil can be used as a makeup remover - just add a little bit only a cotton disc/cleansing cloth, add warm water then glide down your face and neck to remove make up and dirt.

As a moisturizer, choose a non-comedogenic oil such as jojoba, argan, etc.

- Gifts that are light, biodegradable and are sure to be used and loved instead of re-gifted and thrown away. 

Our shampoos and conditioners are a perfect example :)

But besides hurried preparations, try to take some time off for yourself, relax a little and feel the joy and magic. We are already feelin' it! :)


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