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About Us


Skincare Co is a product of creative freedom, love for natural cosmetics and concern for the environment. Svetlana, the founder and createress of Skincare Co, spent 7 months hand-crafting the first shampoo recipe.
No compromises were to be made: the products had to be solid (to avoid plastic!), natural in ingredients to deliver the best of nature (and science that deals with naturally-derived ingredients) has to offer, biodegradable and water and marine life-safe. And the effect and convenience of using the products had to be superb!
With a Sherlock Holmes-esque attention to detail, a knack for research and a burning desire to get to the bottom of things, she has has allowed herself to have fun creating these lovely products (with a help of a qualified chemist!) that are now constantly referred to as "The best I ever tried".
Truly, our products are not only kind to the environment, they are also made with love and Freackin' Fantastic!