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Do You Need a Conditioner?

Conditioners... why many of us use them, why others don't, whether you need them and what makes a good on!

So, let's begin with basics: conditioner, by definition, is a cosmetic product that will absorb to or "coat" your hair, which decreases friction, static charge, breakage, as well as adds shine and (in some cases) volume and penetrates hair.

It is not applied on scalp (no point, you will just "grease up" the scalp), but rather distributed on hair strands and then washed off.

So which ingredients in a conditioner do those things?
In our solid conditioners, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (no, it's not a "sulfate" as you know it but a colza oil-derived natural conditioner), Cetyl Alcohol (no, it's not an alcohol as you know it, but rather a conditioning fatty alcohol), ethylexyl olivate (lovely olive-derived conditioner and detangler), Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vegequat (a product of coconut fatty acids and hydrolyzed wheat protein).

Interestingly enough, oils and butters don't do those things, but add moisture and added shine to hair (we use cocoa butter and coconut oil - one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair strand).

Pro-Vitamin B5 actually forms a thin water film around hair strand which adds shine and volume!
And our awesome olive moisturizer replaces silicones.

And no, conditioners don't "repair" hair - don't believe any company who says that.
All conditioners do is improve the look of hair by coating, adding shine, softness, etc. and protecting them from heat, cold, further breakage, frizziness, etc. etc.

Do you Need to use a conditioner?
If your hair needs some TLC or is unmanageable (or you want to insure it doesn't break/deteriorate and keep it in best shape - then yes!

If you feel it is fine just by washing, then well, Lucky You! 

In all seriousness though, do use one, even if time to time, your hair will thank you for it! (and make sure it has quality - and biodegradable, water-safe ingredients in it! 

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