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Hair Growth and Redensyl: What Makes a Difference?

One of the hot topics in Singapore (and all over the world) is: why does hair fall happen, how to prevent and stop it and how to encourage hair growth?

First things first, we are all gifted with a "biological footprint" that determines how thick our mane would be. If your hair was thin grew very slowly your whole life, you can maintain your hair with great products and treatments, make sure you are healthy and stress-free and your hair will be in best shape possible. Do not believe in "astonishing results" some products promise. Small results - yes. Astonishing - hardly (hit me up if something really does do that - would love to learn!)
Hair loss (and regrowth) is normal, but in this post we will talk about sudden changes (and less hair as a result).

Now, on to Singapore, water, hormones, food, stress, heat and product-related hair fall and what we Can do:

- Singapore: most water here is recycled and treated with various chemicals, one of them being fluoride. This chemical is not filtered by most filtration devices and over time can contribute to hair loss.
- Diet/stress/hormones - try to eat a healthy diet rich in protein, iron, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and E, or take supplements (whole grains, seeds, carrots, nuts, fish, citrus fruits, spinach, avocados, eggs/beans, etc.) - these nutrients help in formation of the hair strand and help hair follicles remain healthy.
Sleep well, live less stressful life (sometimes less possible, but worth keeping in mind!) and if feeling sharp changes in hair growth/fall patterns, check our hormones!

- Castor oil, burdock oil, egg and other homemade masks can also help

- More interesting: make sure you are buying the right shampoo for your scalp and hair! Those with oily scalp are more prone to hair fall (especially in this climate that promotes sebum production due to humidity and heat). Also, the shampoo and conditioner that you use MUST contain conditioners, detanglers and various hair-coating components. Why? Because when there is less friction between hairs, they are less likely to tangle up, break and fall out.
Avoid using the so-called shampoos that don't have added conditioners, detanglers, hair-coating components as your hair will be straw-like and more prone to damage after using them (our shampoos have cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, behentrimonium chloride, moisturizing oils, pro-vitamin B-5, silicone replacements etc. for conditioning your hair).
- Active ingredients: we use Redensyl in our Cinnamon Spice Hair Growth Solid Shampoo - one of the top scientifically proven hair growth activators. It stimulates hair growth (we use 2%). Also, we use gluconolactone - PHA (polyhydroxy acid) which helps condition hair.

So, if you want to help your hair in this humid, hot climate: install the filter that filters fluoride, lead a healthy lifestyle, do occasional hair/scalp treatments and use a shampoo that is suitable for normal to oily scalp and contains proven active ingredients - like our CINNAMON SPICE SOLID SHAMPOO!

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