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How to Store and Use Your Face Wash Powder

Here's a quick guide on how to store and use your face wash powder:

1) Once you receive the powder, transfer it from the paper tube into a dry, air-tight container. Please transfer the silica packet as well. It will help keep the ingredients dry. Keep the container away from sunlight👩‍🔬
2) Use a teaspoon to extract the ingredients. DO NOT use your wet hands - to keep the ingredients (and especially Vitamin C) in their best shape, the contents of the jar should remain dry🥄
3) Only about 1/3 of teaspoon is needed for a face wash. Bubble up the powder in your hands, then massage the lather into your face, then rinse🌊

Enjoy this brightening, non-drying cleansing face wash powder super-packed with extracts and healing ingredients!


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