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Keratin Treatment - What Is It and Are Our Hair Products Compatible with It?

We get many people asking: "Are your products compatible with keratin treatment?"
Before giving you the answer (oh well, yes they are!), let's see what keratin treatment is.

Keratin treatment is a procedure usually done in a salon where the hairdresser applies the "mask" containing keratin onto your hair (which contains methalyne glycol besides keratin btw) and then "bonds" the treatment to your hair shaft via heat styling methods.

The contents of the mask are "laminated" inside the hair shaft for a period of time as well as coat the hair shaft, which has a smoothing, straightening and de-frizzing effect.

There are pluses (lustrous, shiny, straighter hair, less frizz, no need to style a lot) and minuses (high heat may lead to breakage of already damaged hair, the ingredients inside are not as healthy as one may think, cost, special maintenance afterwards) of this procedure, but if you've decided to do it or have done it already (I have, straight and blowout-style hair for about 3 months!), here's what we know:

1) It is recommended to avoid sulfates in shampoos (also may be present in conditioners). Though there is no scientific proof that sulfates "strip" hair easier of color or of the keratin treatment ingredients, if we are to follow industry's advice, NO SULFATES after the treatment. Ok.
Our cleansers contain none (Cocobetaine, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate are all "approved" for post-treatment care)
2) Avoiding buildup: silicones, waxes, mineral oil aka paraffin all cause buildup over time. None here
3) No to drying alcohols, Yes to moisturizing, conditioning ones (may be confusing, but the fatty alcohols that we use ex. cetyl alcohol are actually moisturizing and conditioning for the hair as opposed to the drying ones ex. ethanol) 
4) No sodium chloride (a.k.a. salt) - again, none here, but some shampoos do contain it. The ingredient has its own uses.
5) Choose moisturizing over clarifying shampoos.
So from our range, Lavender, Jasmine and Cocoa (along with conditioners of any kind) would be good choices for Keratin-treated hair.

* And now, also the Shea and Cocoa Solid Shampoo for Very Dry and Damaged Hair with Keratin is available!

Thanks for your attention. Until next time x

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