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Secret to Sustainability - Enjoyment!

Many years ago I was struggling with food, weight and my body image. True story. Tried every single diet and "healthy eating plan". I didn't go to birthdays to avoid all the foods that were "waiting to attack me". Went eating almost nothing Mon-Thu, only to empty all food cabinets and then some on the weekend, struggling with guilt and sense of helplessness. I thought that to have a nice body, one must Do The Right Thing aka eat right and exercise. 

Little did I know that the answer to my weight-loss dilemma consisted of 2 words: Awareness and Enjoyment. That's what I learned from the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole, which completely changed my perception of harmony, balance, self-respect and helped me rebuild self-trust.

Why am I telling you about my body woes and what does it have to do with sustainability? Well, I have realized that awareness and enjoyment are key components to living a sustainable life, too!

Let me give you an example:

When we slow down, sit down and enjoy the food that we are eating (and not just stuff ourselves on the go), we do not only enjoy the food more, are easier aware of our fullness and eat less as a result, we also consume less processed food and use far less plastic for the takeout.

Another example: 

I used to be an impulsive shopper, but when I bought it and brought it home, I didn't like it as much - so I bought more clothes that I threw away/sold/gave avay soon, since I didn't like it.

Now, I have a "walk out" rule. Even if i do really like something, I still walk away and if i do remember about the item at some point with a burning realization "I NEED IT", then I buy it. Works every time. My closet is smaller, but I LOVE everything in it and wear it for a looooong time, often repairing the items. You don't just throw away the shoes that you love. That's for sure.

And one more realization: it is definitely better to buy something that you love and that is more expensive: you will truly enjoy it, and that will keep you repairing it and using it for a long time, while making you feel and look fabulous - which results in long-term savings, as you won't be buying additional products to satisfy your need to feel and look good. Like with our shampoo and conditioner bars: people feedback all the time that they stopped using additional serums and masks as these 2 do a great job! 

What do you think? What are your sustainability hacks?


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