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SILICONES - why are they needed (and why our bars contain silicone replacements)

Literally all "hair serums", "miracle oils" and the like are comprised of silicones. As well as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks etc etc. Some products contain silicone replacements. Silicones are amazing on hair.

There are a few different silicones out there used in cosmetics and hair care, but today we will talk about the mail ones - Dimethicine and Cyclomethicone.

Dimethicone makes hair soft, shiny, easily combable, prevents frizz, and makes sure your hair does not go Poof! with static charge - the things we would all like for our hair, thankyouverymuch🙋‍♀️. It does not weigh hair down, resists humidity of atmosphere and works well for curly hair.

Cyclomethicone - another type of silicone frequently used in hair products - also coats hair and allows other ingredients to be spread super fast, and then it evaporates, helping your hair dry faster.

So why do we use plantar and naturally-derived alternatives to silicones in our hair products?

It is believed that silicones "build up" on your hair, which after a while can cause dryness, dullness and other negative effects on hair. They are also believed to be hard to wash out. While lots of these claims are debatable and normal amounts of silicone use are easy to wash off, we err on the safer side and use plantar silicone replacements in our shampoos🌿

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