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Solid Body Wash - What Is It?

A client from Hong Kong messaged us about 2 years ago saying that she has very sensitive skin, eczema , etc. but after washing with our shampoo bars, her skin is just fine and not itchy. "Are these ok to use as body washes?", she asked. "Yes, but they're expensive" we replied while noting solid body washes needed to be created (done and done!).
So what separates a body wash from a shampoo?
Simply put, a shampoo is a "banged up" body wash - kind of🤷‍♀️
Shampoos have all kinds of goodies inside to make your hair shiny, manageable, reduce static, plus specific types of oils and butters for different hair/scalp types. And don't forget herbal extracts and other things that separate just something that can wash off dirt from "I love my hair!"
Also, shampoos must be PH-adjusted (lower ph than post body washes) as our scalp's PH level is lower than general skin of the body. It affects everything - form how your scalp feels to how your hair behaves and looks.
Body washes are simpler creatures that need to wash off dirt while not drying skin while staying extra solid (they swim in the water for longer, don't they?)
Now, we created simple (therefore a cheaper price point) yet nice, moisturizing and non-irritating body washes in Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Mint (called Minty😍) and Lemongrass.
Containing same plant-derived cleansers as we use in our shampoos (gentle yet effective), Cocoa Butter, a rapeseed-derived conditioner, cetyl alcohol and sodium lactate for extra moisturization and hardening, Panthenol! for soothing your skin and candelilla wax to keep it hard (suitable for vegans!)
And essential oils, of course!

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