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Solid Products vs Liquid Ones

Did you know that before 1950s, when plastics were introduced to consumers, most beauty products came in solid or powdered form? Remember face powder in cardboard, solid mascara and eyebrow color? My grandmother used those so I have a keen recollection of beauty being this way.

Then came the super cheap, light plastics and advances in science and we now have a myriad of personal care products (Korean 7-step skincare routine?!?!), majority of which are packed in plastic.

And you now why? Because most cosmetic products consist of 70-95% water. Essentially, we are pollution our oceans, killing wildlife, degrading soil and overrelying on fossil fuels (plastic is made of crude oil) because we need to transport various liquid products cheaply and safely.

Why not create concentrated solid beauty products that could be sold in paper or even "naked" and to which water can be added from the tap (ex. when you wash your hair with our solid shampoo bar)?

These were my thoughts when I started Skincare Co. And it is true - our bars are light, easy to travel with and as close to zero waste as can be.

We will soon be coming out with new products: solid lotions, face cleansers and other personal care essentials that will help keep our world beautiful <3

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