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Solid Shampoos vs Soap Disguised as Shampoo

The question we get a lot is a variation of: "I tried a solid shampoo before and it made my hair go yuck. Why? Do yours do it too?"
Now, well well well... I've got SO much to say about this...are you ready?

We live in the age of information - and - misinformation. Numerous blogs about "natural cosmetics" and "natural hair care" are popping up, full of some useful and some misleading information. Brands do it too, trying to appear more "natural" then they really are, etc.

Sounds confusing? Now, here is the lowdown. 
Typical solid shampoo: called a shampoo, but actually is a soap (do ingredients include lye (sodium hydroxide), saponified oils, etc.? - It's a soap). This "shampoo" is sure to make your hair unmanageable, because: PH level is not suitable for hair/scalp (scalp irritation, straw-like hair), absence of conditioners, detanglers, vitamins, etc. inside.
This type of "shampoo" usually requires you to do a vinegar rinse afterwards, claiming it's a conditioner (it's not, depends what you consider to be "conditioning").

Real solid shampoo: consists of SHAMPOO INGREDIENTS, which are cleansers (in our case, most of our shampoos have Cocobetaine, Sulfosuccinate and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate as cleansers - all are naturally derived), conditioners, vitamins, silicones for de-frizzing (naturally-derived conditioners that mimic effect of silicone in our case), etc. etc. etc. And anything that claims to be a shampoo has to be PH-balanced! (and ours are, of course!)

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